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Dr. Viviana Porcari, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Pay Your Balance

Please use the link on the right only if directed to this page to complete 
a payment by credit or debit card of any outstanding balance



  • Repeat Prescriptions outside follow ups   £20 

Occasionally, you might run out of medications prescribed by Dr. Porcari. If you cannot

get hold of your GP or your GP does not prescribe certain psychotropic medications,                                                                             

Dr. Porcari is available to provide repeat prescriptions in these circumstances or in                                                                      

between appointments. Please allow 48 hour notice.

  • Supporting Letters and other Reports  £50 - £200

Dr. Porcari will always provide you and your GP with a summary of your child needs                                                                              following her assessment. 

Other professional reports (i.e. school, social care, dvla, transport etc.) or supporting

letters will be provided at an extra cost (depending on lenght and content)

  • Teaching and Training 

Dr. Porcari has extensive experience in delivering trainings, lectures and teaching sessions to various group of professionals, charity and volunteer organisations interested in Child and Adolescent Mental health topics.

Please contact 0789 1608765 or 0798 325340 to discuss your requirements.

  • Medico-Legal Work

Dr. Porcari is able to offer medico-legal work as Expert Witness in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry providing robust Psychiatric Assessments and Psychiatric Reports with clear opinions and recommendations on matters like: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, historic Child Abuse , Psychiatric Injury: Depression, Anxiety, psychiatric injuries in clinical negligence, Family cases Parental Assessments, Contact / Custody cases, Munchausen & Munchausen by proxy. 

Fees to be agreed with the appointing Solicitor depending on the work required.

Patients with Health Insurance **

Dr. Porcari is a Healthcare Provider recognised by the following Health Insurances: Bupa, Aviva, AXA ppp, Pru Health, Healix, Simply Health, Cigna, WPA.

Before booking please make sure your insurer authorises the treatment for your child.

At the time of your booking you will be asked to provide the policy holder's name, policy number and authorisation number.

Your Health Insurance will pay directly for the treatment. 

​Child Psychiatry Services 

and Fees

Once the assessment is completed you might be offered from then onward follow up appointments with Dr. Porcari. 
Where there is no clear psychiatric diagnosis or need for psychotropic medications, Dr. Porcari will offer advice and psycho-education as necessary or might decide to refer your child to other professionals that can help (i.e. psychologists, psychotherapists, paediatricians, etc.)

  • Follow Up Sessions  £250 up to 45 minutes

Patients who require ongoing reviews, monitoring of progress and medications will be offered follow up appointments.

Please note: Dr. Porcari does not offer emergency appointments. The waiting time to be seen is often between 2 and 4 weeks.

For any emergency, please contact your GP or go to the A&E.

  • Skype Consultations   £150 up to 30 minutes

Dr. Porcari is also available for Skype Video consultations where appropriate, such as when there is no need for physical check and pharmachological prescreening and monitoring. The advantage of Skype is that these consultations do not depend on clinic availability, normally there is no long waiting time for a Skype consultation with Dr. Porcari. It also allows you and your child to have your session from the comfort of your home.

What you need to do if you wish to contact Dr. Porcari on Skype:

  1. Arrange a convenient date and time by emailing Dr. Porcari at or using the form available on this page
  2. Arrange payment prior to your agreed consultation session
  3. Start your video consultation with Dr. Porcari by searching on Skype the following contact: DrVPorcari

Dr. Porcari is available for Skype consultations Monday to Friday 6 pm to 9 pm

  • Telephone Consultations   £100 up to 30 minutes

Occasionally you might want to consult Dr. Porcari on the phone to ask for advice,                                                                                           support or discuss any concern.

Dr. Porcari is available for telephone consultations between 5pm and 8 pm

Monday to Friday.

Tariffs for Self-Paying Patients*

  • Assessment and Diagnosis​  £320 up to 1h

At the time of your first appointment, please make sure you bring any relevant referral letter and medical report you have from your GP or other professionals in relation to your child.

You will receive a one-hour assessment with Dr. Porcari to establish a personalised care plan.

Adolescents and teenagers will be offered the option to be seen initially on their own if they wish to speak in confidence but if they prefer the session can be conducted from the beginning in the presence of the parents.

A full developmental and family history will be gathered alongside a discussion on the presenting problems.

As it is key to obtain information from both the child/young person and the carers, it is sometimes necessary to complete a full assessment over two sessions of one hour each. Therefore, depending on the complexity of the presentation of your child you might be asked to return for a second assessment session prior to a care plan being agreed.

Dr. Porcari's approach is multidisciplinary and sometimes she might liaise or recommend you other private professionals (i.e. Educational Psychologists, Paediatricians, Therapists, etc.) to complete specific aspects of the assessment.

A detailed report of the assessment and formulation plus prescription, where required, will be provided at the end of the assessment. Dr Porcari will share this report with your GP if you consent to this. It is advised that your GP is kept informed about all treatment you receive and will need a letter with details about treatment if he/she is to issue a prescription for you.

Child Psychiatrist in London

​* Fees for self-paying patients: the fee must be paid at the time of booking, in advance of treatment by bank transfer or cheque. 
   Please contact 0798 325340 to arrange your payment.

​   The clinic reserves the right to cancel the appointment if the fee is not paid into the clinic account 72 hours before the 


** For insured patients: if your Health Insurance is not able to cover the fee of the session due to an excess deduction ​on your

     policy, you will be expected to pay the fee prior to the full report being shared

   Whether your are self-funding or insured, If you cancel your face to face appointment with less than 24 hours notice 

    you will be charged the cost of the room booking